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Saturday, March 7, 2009

an open letter to the barangay captain , local government unit of san remigio, congressman benhur salimbangon, sds arden monisit and the dep ed

March 10, 2009

Hon. Virgilio C. Capuno

Barangay Captain

Poblacion, San Remigio


Dear Capt. Capuno:

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!

Providing quality service for general welfare must be the quintessence of leadership and the purpose why few people tread such path comes in myriad reasons despite the criticism and the challenges that go with it. For this, I am sure that we are on the same boat – trying to reach out and impart our knowledge and skills to the best we possibly can.

It is in this previous premise that I am personally convinced of finally giving back to my Alma Mater and the municipality in general, my selfless service as a secondary school teacher.

Presently, I am connected with Maya NHS, Maya, Daanbantayan, Cebu where I have rendered service for almost four years. Last November 2008, I talked to the Schools Division Superintendent along with my letter of intent for transfer from my current post to San Remigio NHS. I was then last Tuesday when I received the disapproved transaction with the endorsement letter from Mrs. Ester Cabataña, principal of San Remigio NHS which stated that the school has had many English teachers hence my application for transfer would deem impossible. I am aware that there is one teaching post left by an English teacher, Ms. Zylpha, who went to China and another post to be vacated by Mrs. Dimpna O. Embrado, another English teacher, for her retirement.

This has kept me in quandary why Mrs. Ester Cabataña does not allow me for a teaching position in San Remigio NHS when I have more rational, logical and important reasons to be in San Remigio NHS. I am a resident of San Remigio; a true blue product of San Remigio NHS ( who must have known pretty well by now multifarious ways to maintain and/or advocate ways to improve it); and a better-than-average English teacher who could possibly be of big help to my fellow San Remigiohanons, first and foremost.

If my memory serves me well, I remember that I was ranked for teacher application here in San Remigio in 2005 and I placed no. 1 among English applicants in the entire province of Cebu. I wonder why Mrs. Cabataña did not even care of hiring me or reserving an item for me. I know for a fact that there have been transferees from other schools and municipalities in the succeeding months after my ranking and until now. I pity myself for not being respected for my educational attainment and not being recognized for my innate talents which I could have possibly nurtured and shared with my students and colleagues had Mrs. Cabataña given me that chance.

In this light, I would like to appeal from your good office to allow me be given equal treatment as the ones who came before and after me had justifiably enjoyed sans the pervading issues presented by Mrs. Ester Cabataña. May I request further from your honorable council to investigate the principal’s office for unresolved issues deterrent to my application for transfer.

I incessantly pray that this be given an expedient and meritorious action. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Respectfully yours,



mars said...

If you have the right, fight for it. But if you will be given the chance to be there, it would not be good to you since your position paper had already created division from among you in the first place. So, i see it to be chaotic.
Second, God might have plan for you better than this. God has answers at His own option: Yes, No or Wait.
So, seek your answer in the light of His provision.